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Long Eaton Puppy Care Services

30 minutes - £7.00


Long Eaton Pet Sitters are highly experienced regarding puppy care and are fully aware of the difficulties involved in the transitional period, when clients leave a puppy for the first time.


Puppies between the ages of 8-12 weeks will often require extra care and attention (including feeding, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training and general companionship).  Puppies’ minds at this stage are like sponges – they absorb everything going on around them and can quickly develop good or bad habits, which may last a lifetime.  More than at any other stage, the experiences your dog has during this period can affect how it will cope with the world later on.


Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated, Long Eaton Pet Sitters can begin socialising it with other dogs, people and the outside environment. During this time we are able to reinforce any training methods that are implemented by the client.


Very young puppies will often need to be let out to the garden every 1-2 hours whilst they are toilet training; please keep this in mind before you buy or adopt a puppy. If you work more than four hours a day, you may wish to consider taking some time off work to be at home with him in the first few weeks.


After puppies become juveniles, adolescents and then adults, clients will often retain our services for daytime dog walking, or even simply once or twice weekly so the dog can be walked in a group environment.  Some of the older dogs we have on our books, started with us at 8 weeks old.


At the initial consultation you will get to meet your puppy carer and we run through our insurance, police checks, references etc, and once you are happy we can book you in.


For the walks we just need you to provide your dog’s usual lead and collar (with ID tag), a key (if we need to obtain access to your property whilst you are not there) and we’ll do the rest! We carry dog poop bags, treats, balls, towels to dry them with afterwards etc.


Long Eaton Pet Sitters only has a limited number of places available for new puppies as they need one-to-one care. To ensure availability please contact us as early as possible to make arrangements by calling Dana on 07825 002180.

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